Suphannabhetra or the “Golden Sampan” is crafted from gold nielloware to form the ship. The mast is damascened with an inlay of hair-fine gold and silver wires and with enameled flags at the top. The sails are filigreed gold sheets. The mat lining the ship is woven strips of gold. The front of the ship is crafted with embossed gold. At the fore of the sampan is a flat area with lotus-shaped base and gold structures surrounding the deck. Two Nagas hang down from the fore section with their mouths affixed to handles of gold lanterns with dangling gold chains that end with enameled figures of the monkey warrior Marud (also known as Hanuman) from one chain and the figure of the mermaid Suphannamatcha from the other.

Both sides of the fore stern are ornamented with enameled closed-mouth faces of demons. The bulwark panels of the sampan are filigreed and inserted with strips of metallic beetle parts. Centered in each panel are gold flowers. The aft stern panels of filigreed gold have enameled Vayupak birds affixed on both the port and starboard sides. A Chinese-styled pavilion with tiered roofs, fashioned by the damascene method of silver wire inlay and gold wire inlay, is placed at the stern upon a lotus base. The elegant Sampan floats on filigreed sheets of gilded silver waves.

Size : Width 40 cm Length 1.3 m Height 1.575 m
Number of Artisans : 73
Production Time : 1 year 5 months