The model of the Mongkol Suban Royal Barge was a joint work of art by the artisans from the Gold and Silver Department, the Wood Carving Department, the Enamel Department and the Beetle Wing Collage Department of Queen Sirikit Institute. It was based on the original Mongkol Suban Royal Barge of the third reign. The bow was carved in the shape of a Garuda holding a Naga in his talons. Later, to enhance its prestige, King Rama IV commissioned an image of Vishnu astride Garuda, Garuda being the vehicle of Vishnu according to Brahmin belief. This Royal Barge was renamed the Narai Song Suban Royal Barge.

The model of the royal barge, including the hull and the keel, are made of gilded silver. The bow is made of carved gold and colour enamel in the shape of a Garuda clutching a Naga in each claw. It stands astride a silver cannon. The bow and stern are decorated with fretted gold in floral motifs, with red enamel. The inner shell plating is made of wood coved with gold leaf.

The side and bottom of the barge is decorated with gold niello. Centre of the deck stands a Busabok throne of fretted gold and enamel, with two 7-tiered umbrellas of rank of fretted gold and diamonds standing front and aft of the throne. Three more 5-tiered umbrellas of rank made of fretted gold and diamonds stand at the bow, with another two at the stern. There is also a seat for the flag bearer, and a flag holder made of fretted gold and enamel. The stern also features an elegant Thai motif rudder of gold and enamel.

Size : Width 24 cm Length 3.35 m Height 88 cm
Number of Artisans : 98
Production Time : 2 years 7 months