Sappagab Phragajatarn is a howdah used by the king when seated on the back of a royal elephant. Crafted in gold floral and vegetative designs and embellished with diamonds, the howdah has a silver inner frame ornamented with a mosaic made from parts of the metallic beetle wings. Punching and hammering sheets of gold into various motifs, enhanced with diamonds, is another decorative method.

The fierce ‘Singha’ or lion faces at the four corners of the howdah are of gold that is embellished with diamonds. The railings are formed in the shape of Naga or serpents intertwined in floral decorations. The mat covering the howdah floor is made from intricately woven strips of gold in likeness of reed mats. This howdah is crafted in a similar manner as the Phrathinang Bhudthangajatarn placed in the foyer of the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall in the Grand Palace, and used by the kings when going forth to battle.

Size : Width 1.12 m Length 1.28 m Height 1.15 m
Number of Artisans : 73
Production Time : 1 year 6 months