The panel of Khram damascene

The triad work refers to usage of three types of metals – gold, silver and pink-gold in one piece of work that would bring auspicious blessing to their owners. This khram plate was designed with pattern called “Kom Kudan Hongsu Leela”, the “Kudan” flower pattern outer rim is done in damascene inlays of pink-gold. The middle is a gold, silver and pink-gold damascene work in shape of a “Hongse” or a Thai mythical swan, perforated laid above a damascene back piece in silver. The swan is holding a white drop jewel in its mouth. This “Kudan” pattern is surrounded with and four pepal flowermotif in gold damascene inlay twisted vines, bordered up with perforated traditional motif gold and pink-gold damascene frames.

Size : Width 1.35 m Height 2.48 m
Number of Artisans : 50 people
Production Time : 83 Days