Busabok, a small elaborate pavilion throne, is a square tent-like structure tapering up from the base into an ornately decorated tiered roof topped by a spire. A Busabok is classified as a regalia of rank. A Busabok that has two ‘Krern’ or extended structures on both sides is known as Busabok Mala.

Busabok Mala, a Royal Throne, is a masterpiece crafted in gold and shimmering with diamond embellished designs. The spire is topped with a motif of a sheaf of rice, while the gold finials of the tiered roofs are of gold diamond studded floral designs. The richly glowing tiered roofs are crafted in gold nielloware, supported by four redented columns in khram gold damascene inlay, and screened by golden drapes in ‘Lai Kaew Ching Duang’ diamond-decorated floral motifs. Golden khram Naga serpents entwine the columns with their heads down and tails rising to support the structure.

The ceiling is richly decorated with punched and hammered gold sheets in finely perforated pattern decorated with a large shining star studded with nine auspicious gems. The Busabok floor is covered with a mat of finely woven golden strips. An enameled-gold pedestal tray holding an ornate gold and diamond floral offering is placed on a lion-footed redented gold nielloware platform. Both Krern side levers are decorated with gold and enameled gold, in Lai Kranok Bai and Dok Thed floral designs studded with diamonds. The floor of the Krern extended structures are covered with a mat of finely woven gold strips that hold Naga footed trays of floral offerings alongside the filigreed gold seven-tiered umbrellas which are decorated with diamonds.

The curved base of the Busabok Mala is decorated with gold celestial beings. The platform of the Busabok Mala that is crafted in gold khram or Damascene, which is the art of scoring a metal base and hammering in hair-fine gold inlaying wire of intricate designs, are also richly decorated with luminous beetle wing collage.

This particular Busabok Mala is a small replica of the Busabok Mala Maha Chakraphat Piman at the Amarin Vinichai Throne Hall of the Phra Maha Monthien Royal Residence in the Grand Palace.

Size : Width 63 cm Length 1.55 m Height 3.275 m
Number of Artisans : 285
Production time : 1 year