The Sappagab Khram is a filigreed and solid iron howdah decorated with a variety of elaborate damascene floral and leaf-like patterns. Gold ornamentation with diamonds enhances different parts of the howdah to create an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. The monkey warriors amidst the floral and leaf-like designs are also damascened, attesting to the skill of the artisans who were able to create wider lines by hammering several hair-fine gold and silver inlay wires alongside each other. This howdah is also based on the Phrathinang Chamlongthong in the Front Audience Chamber of the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall of the Grand Palace.

Size : Width 84.5 cm Length 1.44 m Height 75 cm
Number of Artisans: 76
Production Time : 1 year 6 months