This replica of the wood Bhudthan Throne of the Front Palace is crafted in silver and gold niello. Divine beings surround the two-tiered structure: angelic beings with the palms together in an attitude of respect surround the top level, while figures of Garuda gripping the Naga serpent surround the lower. Gold niello alternativing with silver niello balustrades, railing columns and side panels glow with jewel beetle wing decorations and embossed gold adorned with red gemstones. The gold niello backrest panel depicts the god Vishnu or Narai seated upon his vehicle, the great bird Garuda. The base platform is decorated with birds and floral motifs.

Size : Width 1.23 m Length 1.535 m Height 1.415 m
Number of Artisans : 130
Production Time : 2 years