The Gold Niello Sappagab is a howdah of gold niello with gold trim embellished with diamonds. Filigreed gold throughout the howdah enhances the winding floral and leaf-like patterns. The howdah floor is made of woven gold strips inserted with gold wires that stand out to form a traditional floral pattern. Monkey warriors cavort through the foliage, and ‘Hera’ or Thai-style dragon faces can be seen at the edges of the four howdah feet. This howdah is based on the Phrathinang Chamlongthong in the Front Audience Chamber of the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall of the Grand Palace.

Size : Width 82 cm Length 1.44 m Height 75 cm
Number of Artisans : 91
Production Time : 1 year 6 months